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    In case you haven't seen it, HP just released another free 6-pack of apps.

    Here's the URL: The Official HP Palm Blog: 6-Pack sells out

    And here's the list of apps (and free promo codes) from their blog post:

    • Big Boss (Fair Play Labs, $1.99, rlhul24446cnvjo): Design your “Boss” – a gigantic monster – and attempt to defeat the brave heroes and powerful wizards of WackyLands.
    • Camera for TouchPad (Keen Studios, $0.99, qnauu98845swgrt): Start snapping away, with options for managing your photos and using them with other TouchPad apps.
    • Angry Birds Rio HD (Rovio Mobile Ltd., $1.99, xsgsc06319eeqrk): The original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to save their friends, Blu and Jewel.
    • Quell HD (Fallen Tree Games, $1.99, urber52865hgtqc): A unique puzzler that is sure to test your brain with 70-plus levels of game play.
    • Pennant (Vargatron, $4.99, ltrns51564vabdu): Got historical pennant fever? Get the scoop on over 115,000 games with this interactive statistical treasure trove of baseball from 1952 to 2010.
    • FlightPredictor HD (, $1.99, htukc87057kxshv): Powered by, you’ll get timely notifications before air travel glitches get in your way.

    Get them now, before the available promo codes are all used up!
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