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    I come in peace from android. I use phonemypc to remotely access my pc using my android phone. Logmein is another similar app. What are my HP touchpad app options to make this possible? Thanks
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    Splashtop Remote, I have in my pre 2
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    Logmein's browser based client apparently works when using the Touchpad with a bluetooth keyboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andersondiaz View Post
    Splashtop Remote, I have in my pre 2
    Don't think touchpad has this yet. Hope so though, used this on iPad and want it for my arriving touchpad
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    Splashtop are still deciding whether to do a touchpad version. Contact them and tell them you'd like one.

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    Posted earlier, but you can use the Ease Of Access onscreen keyboard on the PC to use Logmein via the Web interface. Is low quality video resolution for me so far...
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