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    Even if we don't get a nook app, pReader already supports B&N DRMed books in the eReader (.pdb) format & B&N ePub DRM support is coming shortly. For more info, see the official thread for pReader native:
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    Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to being able to read them one way or another.
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    Would love to have the Nook application. I LOVE WebOs, but the only reason for me to switch to Android is the Nook app.
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    I've been using pReader for my nook books. It supports it. Though it would be nice to have the page sync funtionality
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    It will support it if you remove the DRM from the ePub books certainly, not neccessarily something I want to do or should even have to. Hopefully pReader will be updated soon to open them natively.
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    pReader support for B&N ePub DRM is coming. Right now you CAN get your nook books easily into pReader if you download them with nook for Mac or B&N eReader (not nook) for PC. If you do this, your books will be downloaded in eReader format (pdb). Just copy those books to your device & import them into pReader. When it asks for unlock information, enter the name & credit card number registered on your nook account. You have. To enter the name EXACTLY as it's registered. Do NOT enter spaces in the credit card number.

    To follow up or more questions, please go to the official pReader support thread:
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    I want to read my many nookcolor books on my hp touchpad,until I can
    I will not buy any new books from b&n,amazon will get my money,at least the gave us a kindle app
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    Quote Originally Posted by toymaker View Post
    The problem is developers are under the beliefs that:
    1. It would be hard to convert and maintain their apps.
    2. There is not a large market for webOS apps.
    Until this changes most existing webOS developers and potential new ones are afraid to touch it.
    I must say I don't know of any business who wouldn't want 100,000 + customers.. minimal effort to port or make an app for this business... and figure there is near a million of these TP's in the market and the primary use is media bound ;P
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