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    Hi, great looking site and glad to be a member. I'm a new tp owner and have been looking for a how to on Preader. If someone would be kind and point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. thanks LB
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    Here's the link to the thread for pReader native:
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    Thank you!
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    I need help on loading the e-books to my tp. Is there a how to? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks LB
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    Put the TP into USB mode. Copy the .epub//mobi (etc) files to a folder on the TP. Out of USB mode. Start up preader. Go to the directory and there is an option to add books to the library. Select that and it should be obvious what to do.

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    Did that-created a folder called ebooks and copied them there....but internalz does not reveal that folder when I try to add books.
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    Thanks, but I still can't figure out how to view the books with preader. LB
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    You can download books (say from Project Gutenberg) directly on the TouchPad. If you do this, the books will be downloaded to /media/internal/download. If you want, you can copy the books to another directory with Internalz or Gemini but it isn't necessary. To get the books into pReader, open pReader, select add books, using the directory tree that comes up, navigate to the directory where your book files are. You can import single or batch books. After the books have been imported into pReader, you no longer need the original files & can safely delete them if you want.

    If you have the books on your computer, connect the TouchPad to the computer with the USB cable. Select USB drive on the window that pops up on the TouchPad. Using Windows Explorer, you can copy the book files to your TouchPad. The easiest way is to open two Windows Explorer windows. In one, open the directory on your computer where the book files are stored. In the other, click the drive letter that is mapped to the TouchPad. At this point, Windows Explorer will open to the /media/internal directory on the TouchPad. You can create a directory on the TouchPad for your books if you want to, then copy the files from the computer Explorer window to the TouchPad window.

    When you're done copying the files, you need to properly eject the TouchPad. To do this, on the Windows Explorer window opened to the TouchPad, left click on My Computer in the left pane, then right click on the TouchPad drive in the right pane & select eject from the pop-up menu. The TouchPad should now return to its normal display & can be unplugged. At this point, just import the books into pReader as above.

    If you've got more questions, the best place to post them is really the official thread for pReader here:

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