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    I don't get it

    HP dumps the touchpad due to low interest
    few Apps is a known issue

    Developers before this fire sale were not interested in writing apps

    This is well known through all the articles

    WHy are all these people on here demanding these apps now

    Why in the heck do they think its was $99?

    I'm reading a lot of demands and put downs some I suspect are trolls

    This site was mentioned a lot on Slick Deals thread about the Touch pad and there was a huge number of trolls on that thread, they had millions of views.

    COuld this be the fall out?

    I know this touch pad is way better then the reviews and the apps will come I have faith with the entire stock being sold out in the next few weeks that is a lot of new users and a market.
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    I look at it differently, people aren't here to demand apps and most knew the apps situation before purchasing their tablet. The way I see it, new owners are simply trying to let devs here on the forum know that they are looking for apps to do xyz and they are willing to pay for it. Whether these apps are created is up to those people capable of doing so. Regardless, there are hundreds of thousands of new Touchpad owners and one would hope that this makes the platform more attractive to devs.
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    I think its great, it will expand our beloved webos platform and drive more innovation into the community.
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    I just had a thought. Can the Preware app SELL apps? If I was a developer I'd say screw HP and their store and release apps in Preware instead. HP didn't do the developers on webOS any favors, screwing with someone's livelihood sucks, HP should be taken to task for doing so.
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