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    Do any frotz/z machine interpreters work with the touchpad? tried to load the zork game and it just stalls. Dont mind if its full screen or not, just would like to be able to use the TP for some infocom games.
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    Figured out a method to run it thanks to the post about running flash game Machinarium -

    Currently using Parchment ( I just put the Parchment folder with a games subfolder containing z5 files into the touchpad. Then typed: file:///media/internal/ParchmentIF/index.html?story=file:///media/internal/ParchmentIF/stories/hitchhik.z5 to run the game.

    Only bad is save/restore doesn't work if browser is closed. You can save and restore during the same game so just don't shut the browser.

    Might try some other flash z interpreters to see if I can get one to save/restore correctly. At least I can still play around in 1 sitting for now.

    Only played a few turns so there could be other issues but so far so good.

    EDIT: Think webos has a tendency to cut the url when Parchment tries to save. If after saving I click on the URL to verify its got some ending (lots of random text), it seems I can save a bookmark that works as save. If the text is missing I hit refresh page and it seems to show up. So far it works. Have 3 seperate bookmarks at different parts of story.

    Edit2: Edited one of the parchment html files so I have a web launcher to different infocom games
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