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    Does anyone know how you can press "esc" when you are in xterm (since the keyboard does not have an "esc" key? Thanks.
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    Trying to do the same, can't vi a file since I can't esc :wq this is on an HP TouchPad btw.
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    Any ideas if there is an xvkbd (virtual keyboard) port for this yet? that would possibly fix some of our issues. run the vkeyboard under XServer along with Xterm. Tho we'll probably need a window manager too.

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    So, BTW, i've been able to get xvkbd on here by pulling the binaries out of a debian package for ARMEL. Only library that wasn't available in optware was Xaw3d which I snagged from another Debian ARMEL package, copied into /opt/lib and ran ldconfig /opt/lib against it.

    I also got TWM (old skool tab window manager) from Debian as well. All the libs needed for that are available in optware. Gonna put together a little tutorial on my blog at some point this weekend on all this stuff.

    I guess you could just side load Debian or Ubuntu on here and chroot it, but I somehow prefer the hardway. (actually I really just want all this crap to run under WebOS natively and that's it...)

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    if you find 1 of my old posts in 1 of the ubuntu threads (lost in a sea of threads atm) on remapping the ` key to a mousekey you can just change the Mousekey to "Escape" and the key above tab/left of 1 will become escape.

    EDIT: Found it.

    change the Pointer_Button3 to Escape should(tm) work fine.
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    Hi all,

    I have a problem with xvkbd. I have onboard working with the layout patch but I much prefer xvkbd over onboard for look and feel. However, it randomly gets CAPS stuck and no matter what I do I cannot get it out of caps mode. Does anyone else have that problem? And, preferably a fix :-)

    Kind regards

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    I kept having issues with xvkbd crashing left and right after a while. Then once I found out how to send Ctrl and Esc with the regular touchpad keyboard I gave up bothering with xvkbd.

    Actually the last thing I was working on was matchbox. I figured it would've been really neat to have a matchbox environment just startup as a card with it's own pop up keyboard. Maybe i'll go back that route at some point if I have some time.

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    It was posted somewhere:

    Strg: long press T -> rightmost option (looks like a dash with a circle on the right)

    Esc: Strg (like above) + [
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    Esc = Ctrl+[
    For those on Pre this translates to
    Gesture tap then Sym then Y

    At least on my german QWERTZ layout Pre3 with WebOS 2.2.4.
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    Messing around with the official TP keyboard today, I found out that you can simulate the ESC key by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + [

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