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    Will support even be around in 1 year? And if I've OC'd my TouchPad, does that void the coverage? I usually never purchase "extended warrenty" type things, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.
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    What exactly does it cover? If it doesn't cover accidental breakage, I don't really see a point. You have a 1yr manufacturer coverage anyways that will cover all defects.

    And technically, OC'ing does "void" your warranty. However, if you revert everything back to stock, I'm not sure they will know if it was ever OC'ed or not. Someone might be able to chime in and answer that.
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    You can get a 2 year warranty through Square Trade for the 32Gb TP for $54.99. If you want to add accidental coverage it's $99. Its almost the price of the TP but if you gotta have a warranty it might be the better way to go.
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    Really hard to justify adding on expenses for a item that is so cheap. When a warrant approaches half the cost of the device, and in some cases (a good deal) more than half the price of the device I just can't see justifying it.

    I have no idea how good/bad HP support is, but trying to get people to honor warranties is also usually a pain.

    You should also factor in the potential time of how long you plan on using the device. Tablets are changing fast, and you can definitely expect quad core tablets within the next 12-18 months. The hardware here is going to be very dated. And in that time frame we will know if WebOS is really even going to live on or not. You are really making a bet of using the tablet for 2 years by buying the warranty, and with as fast as things progress that seems like a bad bet, unless you just like using things for a long long time.

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