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    hey everyone I just purchased a new touchpad and its awesome! Can anyone recommend a app that would allow me to write down notes instead of using notebook paper since I am a college student....and what apps would you recommend to me being a heavy google user and also a new user to touchpad?...thanks in advance and I hope to chat it up with ya'll soon:-)
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    The default memo app would let you take notes, as long as you didn't want to do any special formatting.

    As a heavy Google user there's not a whole lot to do. Email and your contacts will sync with the appropriate apps, but there's no Google Plus app and your web bookmarks won't sync (which would've been a nice feature, but I understand why Google probably wouldn't even allow that).
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    quick office will do that soon, but try something like "Typewriter" until then.

    I just type in the body of an email so I can gather them up in a mail folder to print from my PC.
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    not sure on the google...but glimpse has adequate blank slate for notes and interface to email them easily. working with typewriter beta for this function but awkward so far. tapnote not bad...a little buggy last time i used it.
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    Check out TapNote for notetaking.
    Glimpse is a cool app for multitasking while you multitask.

    The default messaging app can sign you into gTalk, email app can use Gmail, the calender syncs with Google Calender, and Google Contacts sync as well. You should be all set.
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    thanks a lot you guys''that was some fast responding...I absolutely love my touchpad so far and I just don't get y it didn't take off he way it was intended...I'm really looking forward to taking advantage of all it has to offer
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    it did take off, after the price dropped

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