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    I got snes for the touchpad, but didn't like any of the skins. So I made my own, and thought I would share it with you guys.

    It's the first time I've ever made one of these so I'm sure there's room for improvement. Hopefully this will help out others.

    It's pretty simple and straight forward.

    I would like to note that all the buttons actually have a full circle radius, so the clickable area of the L & R buttons are larger than the image.

    To add the skin.

    1) Install snes from the HP app catalog
    2) connect the TP to your computer and look for the snes folder
    3) Create a new folder named "skins"
    4) Create a folder in "skins" with whatever you want to name the skin
    5) Copy the files into the newest folder.

    6) play
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    sorry, new to snes, how do i access games that use snes?
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    Just google "snes roms".
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    Much better than the original options, thanks very much!
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    Thanks!!! i really like this one, good job mate!!!

    Much easier to play with this skin
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    YEEAHHH! Right on brother! Thanks for the skin update! This app was mostly useless on the touchpad until now.

    Also how does one go about creating skins for the TouchPad?
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    I just kinda played it by ear. I found an old skin made for the pre and worked from there. I just created a .png with the right dimensions (340 x 480) and put all the buttons there.

    Then I mapped all the buttons in the .cfg file. I left out the turbo and the capture buttons (I don't know what they do).

    I used photoshop to make the .png and used the navigation view to figure out exactly where the buttons were located with the pixel offsets.
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    Awesome skin man, great job.
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    Great job, thanks for the skin!
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    It's a shame it doesn't use the full Touchpad resolution, at the moment it's a bit difficult to play games with your hands over half the screen. But this skin definitely makes it better!
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    i love the skin! i was wondering, though, is it possible to move the buttons to the vertical center of the screen? having them down so low makes it a little hard holding the tp for a long period of time.
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    skins aren't showing up I'm using internals to create the folder could that b d issue
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    There's some pretty nice skins over at the superNES thread that are made for the touchpad. You can find them over here:

    This one is particularly nice (from rescuer):

    I myself have focused on a different type of skin. I want mine to be extremely transparent and unobtrusive. I've also shifted focus to putting the controller at the -top- of the touchpad. It was suggested by a gamer and man, it makes such a big difference. Because your hands are holding the top of the pad, the rest of the device lays down nicely on your lap etc, letting you kick back and game at the perfect angle without having to hold up a big ol slab.

    An example of that skin is here:

    As you can see, the circle at the top left is the joystick. Put your thumb in it and move it around. The buttons are on the right. Start/select and right/left are present on the touchscreen, but unlabled (I labled them in this pic so you know where they are, but I made them totally transparent to keep from taking away from the fullscreen experience). If you use this skin, make sure you put it in fullscreen STRETCH to get the maximum viewing size.

    I'll go ahead and attach my top-control skin, try it out and I'd bet you'll agree that a top-controller is the way to go on this device...
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    Quote Originally Posted by joycarrz View Post
    skins aren't showing up I'm using internals to create the folder could that b d issue
    You just need to put the touchpad into usb mode and create a /snes/skins folder, right along side your snes/roms folder.

    Now inside THAT folder, you need to place a folder that contains the controller.png and controller.cfg files. So basically it'll be /snes/skins/RPGTOPPAD/rpgtoppad.png

    That'll solve your issue.
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    that makes so much sense (putting the skin on top) haven't tried it but from the looks of it the screen buttons look a bit small or maybe is the the pic
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    much thanx ncinrt
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    ncinarate your skin still not showing up i have javalsu skin showing up so why isnt urs showing up javalsu skin has 3 files a cfg,png,and a psd urs only has 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by joycarrz View Post
    ncinarate your skin still not showing up i have javalsu skin showing up so why isnt urs showing up javalsu skin has 3 files a cfg,png,and a psd urs only has 2
    My guess- you're not extracting it to the right folder.

    Make sure its in /snes/skins/rpgtoppad/controller.png

    You only need 2 files, period. The .psd file in the OP's post isn't used by supernes, it's a relic from his creation process.
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    i wonder if there is a way to combine the buttons from Rescuer's skin with the UI of Javalsu's skin. hmmmmm
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    is there a tutorial on how to install games, skins, etc for the touchpad?
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