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    i have touchplayer installed to run some avi movie files, but there are no visual controls when viewing the movie, and it does studder some

    is there a better way for playing movies on the touchpad??
    what is the standard way of playing movies, if i didn't have the touchpad in dev mode with preware?
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    Try Kalemsoft Media Player.
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    Will that program work on touchpad?
    App description says pre and pixi?
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    Doesn't work aspect ratio is off picture is crap

    Will converting avi files to another format work
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    Nevermind was looking on preware not app catalog :/
    Got it works good so far
    Suprised you have to get a seperate app to play movies on this pad tho
  6. #6 dont really need a separate app. I convert my movies to .m4v with handbrake and they play great
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    How do you open them
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    I move them to the touchpad via usb connection dragging them in to the main directory, eject the touchpad, then open photos and videos app.

    Select My Touchpad on the left column and then select miscellaneous . your videos will be there
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    Thanks I'll give hand brake a try and see how long it takes to convert
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    There is a thread with the hand brake settings....

    You can download the presets
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    Careful though, if you have an older computer or a netbook or something, Handbrake might end up taking all night to convert your Futurama episode.

    It's generally easier to use a player that will play anything (like Kalemsoft) and just use your existing files. The webOS player doesn't play many formats because HP apparently didn't want to pay licensing fees for video codecs.
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    Yeah I hear ya..
    Might just use kalemsoft since I already purchased it anyway

    Thanks for all the info

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