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    Do you have Amazon Kindle in US App Catalog, I used impostah to access US App Catalog, but search for "Kindle" returns nothing.
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    I have kindle on USA touchpad. It came with a pre-loaded icon that linked to the app catalog. Don't know if it would have showed up without that link icon.
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    I don't have this pre-loaded icon. I'm from Hong Kong, I can find it in HK App Catalog if I use a HK webos account, but when I switch to US webos account, the search returns nothing.
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    It was never in the catalog. Only updates to the existing place holder app.
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    Can you can download a web version from the Kindle site? I haven't tried it on the TP, but I have it on my laptop. I don't know if it's platform-specific.
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    It is OS specific. Amazon may eventually put the TP app on the web site.

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