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    Just received my touchpad today, kindle isn't coming up in the app store. I'm in the US. Any ideas?
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    Did you look in the application section of launcher?
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    Hi, my name's Zach, and I'm a *******.

    Who would have thought that an app that would work perfectly with this tablet would be pre-installed?

    Thank you, I'll be here all week.

    EDIT: ok, not pre-installed, but an age where the first thing I do on a new computer is download a new browser, it didn't seem logical that something I needed would be so easily accessible.
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    It's in there. They actually just updated it within the past few hours, so maybe that's why you didn't see it.

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    What I sent to Amazon...


    My apologies, I couldn't find any identifying numbers or contact information to say, "Hey, sorry about that...I just wasn't looking in the right place!"

    For future reference, especially since the Touchpad has basically gone viral with the $99/$149 deal, you should update your page on installing the app for WebOS on the touchpad. I don't know if this is the same on the other WebOS devices.

    Your current instructions from Help: Getting Started with Kindle for webOS
    To install the Kindle application:
    Tap the HP App Catalog icon on the home screen of your HP TouchPad.
    Search for "Kindle" or find it in the alphabetical list of applications.
    Follow the on-screen installation instructions.

    When your installation is complete, simply tap the Kindle icon on your device to start accessing or building your Kindle library.

    What it should read:
    To install the Kindle application:
    Tap the Launcher Button (bottom right of the screen, looks like an arrow).
    Click the "Amazon Kindle Beta" icon
    Follow the on-screen installation instructions.

    Thanks, and I hope you're not dealing with too much crap from this whole Touchpad experience.
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    Unfortunately Kindle doesn't seem to be available in the UK! GRRRR
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamElphick View Post
    Unfortunately Kindle doesn't seem to be available in the UK! GRRRR
    It has been said that it will be available in the UK shortly.
    However, there is currently a way to install the US version.
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    I have to admit that I am rather in awe of your collection of Palm devices - the original Palm Pilot 5000 no less! Now you just need a Pre3 to round out the collection

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