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    so I have over 2600 songs on my touchpad. The music player has trouble or is just in need of fixing. Sometimes...actually a lot of time...I'll click on a song and it'll play a different song literally 500 songs away and then I have to slide all the way back and try it again. And even after a couple tries. It'll still continue to do the same thing. Also. When I choose random. It never goes past 400 even when I continually press next. Anyone know of any other free music player alternatives? Thanks for reading
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    You are using the stock player? The issue has to deal with how the webOS media indexer works. It only loads 500 songs per call, there must be a bug that is setting the song path on the previous call and not updating it.

    Try AudiophileHD.
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    is it free
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    The free version has the full functionality as a music player (the donate version adds DJ mode and an EQ). It's a bit buggy, but its updated weekly, and has improved an amazing amount with each update.
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    thanks for the reply. Definitely will be trying out the app you suggested
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    so far, the app basically does the same thing. Only loads 500 songs. Which is a fail for me considering my favorite artist doesn't even pop up until 1106 hahaha
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    Try this version:

    There is something strange going on if neither player is picking up more than 500 songs.

    You may need to remove your music and reload it.
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    kind of laggy but I think it loaded all my songs. Thank you'
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    Yeah, new version should be published soon that is far less laggy (still laggy, but far less so).
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    Is there a preware patch that can fix the 500 shuffled songs error? I have 2000 songs and it never goes past the 500 mark and it's really ****ing me off as I like to shuffle all of my songs and listen to them on the go.

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