I've been trying to rebuilt my replacement Sprint Pre and it seems that some of the apps that I purchased and no longer available for download to place back onto my Pre.

I'm looking for the NearME app, which was great for finding ATM's that are near you.

As I said, I did purchase this app and now it doesn't seem to be available in the App Catalog.

And I even tried to go to the developers website, and it looks like he took it down completely.

I'm pretty upset by all of this, if my Pre's screen did not crack making it totally unusable, I would still have these apps and be able too use them, even if the developer is no longer supporting them.

Now I can't even put back what I had on my Pre, so much for the 'Backup' feature of WebOS.

If anyone knows of a way to get NearMe back onto my Pre, I would appreciate it.