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    Is it just me or are there more and more apps getting added to the catalogue? I thought the consensus was that most developers would just walk away? I'm starting to see more games, etc. Now HP is talking about making more Touchpads. Interesting times we live in.
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    IMHO - with there being 6 weeks plus since the launch, developers that didn't have a device until then are probably wrapping up development cycles.... perfect timing

    You're also going to have a LARGE new base of users including developers that have never touched webOS so there's more incentive now (read: money)

    Wouldn't be surprised if the app store explodes over the next 30 days and someone at HP says "Hey.... we can make money here" and other companies start to look at a webOS tablet to offer.
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    no it's not just you.Thanks to the firesale, devs are working hard to take advantage of the new demand for touchpad apps which is great for us and the momentum of webOS
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    I emailed a couple of dev's of Android products I like. SwiftkeyX will not be ported. Tapatalk will be under the name "Communities".

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