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    Hey guys, I uploaded a .flv movie to on my PC, then went into the app in webOS, and tried to fetch the file. I saw the file on the app, but was unable to "open" it.

    Any particular reason? Do I need a flv movie player app for the TP?

    I apologize in advance if this has been discussed, but a brief search didn't yield the answer I was looking for.
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    I don't think .flv is supported natively. One possibility is the KalemSoft player. I think the full version is $7 or so. Don't have it, so I can't tell you how good it is. Check out the thread here in the forum. I just transcode into mp4 format using Handbrake and then load them up locally.
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    The TP's native video app pretty much only plays .mp4's(mpegs encoded with h.263 or h.264). There is a 3rd party video player by Kalemsoft in the app store that plays most other formats but I'm not sure that it evens plays flash video files. You might have to convert it using Handbrake, Super, etc.
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    Thanks. I'll give Handbrake a while, and convert them to mp4.
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    When using Handbrake, you might want to note the settings in the post below (from a thread in the TouchPad forum):

    Quote Originally Posted by SlowTeg View Post
    Ok, so finally got a ripped movie to show up properly w/ handbrake.. Used the base ipad settings, big file size to off, Anamorphic = "none", framerate = "same as source", audio downsampled to stereo (just to save space), and Maximum B frames = 0. Finally no stuttering/hiccups/etc.

    After a quick google search, I'm not sure why B frames aren't supported by the stock player, but it's definitely pretty lousy that it's not. Can anyone be sure that graphics acceleration is being used for video playback vs. just the "cpu"? The obvious advantage is that it will consume less battery power and support higher framerates/more power hungry codecs.

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