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    A while back when HP sent an email to those of us that got the $50 promo code with a link to the App Catalog in it, with the promo code embedded. Every since then the App Catalog dialog boxes never ask me for the promo code again. Everytime I click "Use Promo Code" it automatically uses the $50 code, and does not prompt for code input.

    This is a problem, because as I found out today, the Free 6 Pack that HP put on their blog uses Promo Codes. I opened the page on my Touchpad, clicked the link from the Blog, click use Promo Code, and bam, purchasing, downloading, installing. It never asks for the Promo Code. I get the receipt email and sure enough, charged to my $50 promo code.

    I am currently chatting with Palm support online and they are clueless and have asked me for the information to submit a bug report and have told me they would submit it to engineering.

    Anyone know how to unlink a promo code from your app catalog account?
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    Just figured it out... if you click on any link with another promo code in the link (on your TP) it will reset the App Catalog and stop assuming you want to use a certain promo code.
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    Yeah I didn't notice on my receipts this morning (early) that it had used my $50 Promo, it wasn't until stopping here this afternoon that I went back and looked. I am not an app cheapskate, I've spent over 100 before getting that code, but I was saving it for some apps that haven't been released, and to choose between the 30 I have bookmarked. I don't like having that choice taken away from me! I followed the link from their blog from my TouchPad - it should've passed that promo code and given me the 'used up' message if the code was finished. I don't have any kids, I don't need Kung ** Panda for crying out loud!! /rant

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    @shrxwin Same happened to me! I clicked on some promo code and the app store deleted the $50 promocode. I almost cry! I still had $35 left for my "app wishlist". The solution is copy the link provided in the mail of the $50 promocode and paste it on your TP browser, it will take you to the app store and it will now show you the expiration date of your promocode. It's working fine now!
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    how do you check where your $50 promo is at?

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