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    I would donate $20 for a working android app/native integration.
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    I would donate $20 if it worked for iOS. Sms capability would be a must.
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    Hate that im stuck and have no choice but to use a Android/iOS device...Miss my webOS phone...But until someone can buy or get a license for webOS we are stuck with this crap...On that note, $50 from me to help
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    I would put in $50 for this to work with Android.
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    I would do $25.

    Another $15 on top of that if this would help connect to printers other than HP.
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    Id throw down on this like $10-15 (gotta low ball it!!!)

    REALLLLY want this functionality!!!!!
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    I think we have more than 450 on this one. Now that it is confirmed that this is possible by Sickness, I think any developer can give it a try... I will update the OP later today.

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    If it works with an iPhone - $20
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    Definitely keeping an eye on this post
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    I'm in for $25 for HTC Desire Z running 2.3.3
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    I would love to see this. I think I would take a team of devs and a bunch of money to do this tho. I think the easier way is to somehow forward sms messages to a sever and resend them as IM. that way it would work on every platform. This would be hard because I think most operating system keep that data away from apps.

    I think we may need a program simular to this

    but using your own phone number and not google voice. This maybe be very hard but, i dont think it is not do able.

    I am no Dev by the way. just a casual observer.
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    any news on this?
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    People are doing it all over the place with free tether..

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