Being new to the touchpad community I have to first applaud the wealth of information available on this site. I have already installed preware and patched and overclocked my touchpad and seen an enormous improvement in performance.

Without knowing the exact number of touchpads being sold over the last week it certainly seems to be a fairly large number. I have to think potential software app developers will take notice and fill in what are some noticeable holes in the HP appstore. I am not necessarily talking about the Netflix, Bloomberg, etc people although that would certainly be welcome. I am more referring to smaller developers doing thing like browsers, e-mail apps and the like. While the Apple appstore certainly represents a much larger audience the competition is extremely fierce. In the HP appstore it seems wide open. Without going into whether or not the stock browser is good or bad for example I think we can all agree it certainly can be improved upon. And how many options are available in the store? Not many.

Maybe it is wishful thinking but I think we can expect to see a flood of new and improved options for our touchpads in the somewhat near future.