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    Hi...I am able to open my pdf in the reader, but I can't zoom in enough...there is about an inch and a half margin of white space on each side of the document, in landscape mode, and I can't see a way to make it bigger to take up that space. on the pc you can set a zoom level, and even zoom in wider than what fits on the screen.

    Is there a way to do it on the touchpad? can't seem to find anything!

    (I did a search here but didn't see anything on this.)

    also - is there a way to get it into continuous page mode, like you can on a pc?

    thanks much!
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    I think everyone else has the same problem. just got my new touchpad and am experiencing the same thing. I can't zoom in. I'm trying to view New York subway maps, but it only goes 1 zoom level and it doesn't sharpen.

    Sad because my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone could do it, and also my nook color.
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    Surely this will get fixed soon, the touchpad downloaded a PDF patch this morning, but still the landscape mode leaves a good inch on either side. The portrait mode zooms slightly more than the screen width still insufficient for complex PDFs like newspapers.
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    When zoomed out, it also when you brush to the next page, it changes the zoom back in again. That is annoying.
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    I had a chance to play on a motorola xoom this morning, and pdf documents on there work exactly how they should on the touchpad! (which is to say they work the same way they work on a pc!)

    you can zoom in (pun not intended ) multiple levels in landscape mode, and it does continuous pages - something else we can't do on the touchpad.

    that alone is enough to make me think about selling the touchpad and getting a xoom - even with the difference in cost. actually, it's so cheap now I'm sure I'll keep it, but I sure wish it could work the same way on our tp's.
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    I find the same problem. I download maps to the TouchPad and find that I cannot zoom into the maps.

    Why did Adobe cripple this?
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    I already wrote something in the other thread about Adobe Reader (maybe a mod can merge the two?), but I guess it won't hurt to post this here again:

    I think everyone should report this bug to HP / Palm and Adobe as well, to bring a little more attention to this issue.

    To write to HP / Palm use this link: Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

    To report a bug / request a feature to Adobe, use this link (make sure you refer to the HP Touchpad and webOS in your description):


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