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    I was looking for an online photo editor application and I came across this:

    Photo editor online - edit image

    The image editing is -stunning- its like photoshop online for free, works flawlessly with the touchpad.

    Go into new image, view-fullscreen, and marvel at it!

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    your right! I stumbled acrossed pixie over the weekend. I like the way it fits perfectly to the touchpad screen. I wish the controls were a bit more responsive. I couldn't open a file from my tp. And no support for photobucket.
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    hmm my post didn't work. Anyway, this is an awesome photo editor and its free. I didn't know about the full screen mode so thanks. I was wondering how to keep the screen steady so full screen eliminates that problem. I like how it fits the touchpad screen perfectly.
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    I had the same problem with not being able to open a file on the Touchpad. I do use this website on my work laptop to edit photos on the fly.
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    Thanks for the heads up! This should tie me over until a professional sketch app is available
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    Nice!! but Sumo Paint | Online Image Editor is even better!

    I was struggling with Sumo Paint but this post gave me the idea to put it in full screen!.

    View> Screen Mode> Fullscreen Mode.

    Still cant save to the TP File system but that's no biggie.
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    awesome guys both of these work great!
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    Very nice guys! Looks like great solutions.

    Although I think I'd prefer using PS CS5 or Lightroom on a computer to do my editing.

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