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    There are just 2 app that I need/want that would make my touch pad complete.
    since I here that netflix is (or at least has ) a good chance of comming to the TP I'm not too worried about it. But what I need is the EYEFI APP AND SLINGPLAYER ya know the one that was supposed to come to the pre BEFORE android and iphone if some of you could goto the respective companies and email or post on their forums and help me bug the hell out of them, maybe they will cave. I already asked eyefi and said "how much do I need to pay you to port the eyefi app to webOS if money isn't an issue, what is?"
    correct me if I'm wrong but didn't HP say that they would create or give support to help brings these apps to light? If that is the case other than bugging them to death and or throwing some cash in their face, how do we get them in the same room to talk and hammer this sh** out!
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