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    I just sent a message to SlingMedia regarding their lack of app support for Slingplayer. Look people, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot and the user base just spiked. Time to put this app support argument to bed. Yes, us webOS faithful know full well that almost 95% of these apps are essentially a lot of mobile bookmarking and that webOS can already do these functions for a lot of it. For the rest, and there are some that can be wonderful additions to the webOS catalog, and now is the time to get the word out and show developers that ignore webOS that they are simply leaving dollars on the table.

    We have the greatest homebrew community by a mile, and they have worked amazing feats with little financial if any gain. For those that are longtime webOS users, you know what we need from apps that webOS would benefit, but to those of you new to webOS, you probably know even more of fabulous apps that iOS and Android support, and I urge you to contact the developers and light a fire for them to get to work on a webOS version! Even better, tell everyone you know to contact them too!

    If you didn't know, HP / Palm essentially made the ability to port from iOS to webOS a no brainer. It takes almost no work on their part from what I've heard for most apps to be converted over to a webOS version.

    My idea is to use this thread for people to post apps they would like to see supported for webOS. Please list the app, a basic description of it's use / function, etc., the developer, and if you could, the a way to contact the developer to urge they support a webOS version.

    Remember, please be respectful and show the same kindness to them when you do contact them that I hope you have found on these forums!!! Below is a sample of what I sent to SlingMedia to request they support webos.

    Once again, to everyone new to webOS- WELCOME! I hope you come to love it as much as I do, and hopefully we can watch it really blossom into the best mobile platform that I and many think it can truly be!

    HOPEFULLY THIS CAN GET STICKIED SO IT CAN BE QUICK TO FIND AND PEOPLE CAN ADD THEIR SUGGESTIONS AND INFO! Then people can check back in and see apps of interest and they can also contact the developers?

    My letter below:

    Slingplayer for webOS - support for touchpad and pre
    Dear Slingmedia,
    Is there a reason why if you don't support webOS that you block your paying customers from accessing the site to watch their slingbox via the watch now link on the website?* For the record, I have purchased slingmobile licenses for previous devices including PALM os, windows mobile, and android.* It especially doesn't make sense since you have an app and support iOS and Palm / HP has basically made it so it takes almost no effort for you to port apps over for webOS, For example, Rovio ported over every title they had for Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons they said in less than 22 hours.* I love your product and am simply wanting to have access to it on my preferred platform- especially when you don't have to do any real heavy lifting to port it over from iOS to webOS.*
    Given the recent influx of webOS users, and the extremely simple effort it is needed to recompile the app to allow webOS access via a mobile pass, I would hope you will reconsider your decision to ignore some of your loyal customer base.* If you are working on support, any information or even a press release saying it is coming soon would be wonderful!
    I look forward to your response and will happily support your product in the future as long as you will be able to properly support my ability to access it in a platform that I and many others are eager for you to bring to the market!
    Thank you,
    Jake Leese
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    I will also send them an email.

    Slingplayer, thumb Keyboard, NFL games, Aldiko or Moon Reader Pro and a working MS Office doc editor and I might keep WebOs rather than root it to Android.

    The more I use it the more I like it.

    I think I'll write something like this:

    You have a great Program on Android. I've just picked up an HP Touchpad and would gladly pay for a port of your software to WebOs.

    As you might have heard, HP last weeked had a firesale on the Touchpad. Hundreds of thousands of new users might also be interested in your program on WebOs.
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    Glad to hear you are liking it, and it looks like a few of your app suggestions would be ones I would be interested in, so I'll have to contact them too. If you have their contact info, you could edit your post & add it, so others could easily contact them too?
    FYI, there was a blog post on PC stating Office Docs expects to have an update in a week or so to allow for full Office support to edit docs & excel. Powerpoint editing would also come with a future update, as they build it out for more full feature support, so things are starting to progress.

    Netflix was supposed to be building an app, and may have abandoned finishing it? But, given the tons of new TP owners now, may be finishing it up as it was said to be almost completely done & ready for submission back at the end of July??
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    Did EA give up on webOS way back when? I really want Command and Conquer! (or Warfare, Inc by Spiffcode)
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