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Yet another list of best apps, I just wish these authors could write something without a pesky time consuming slide show! They don't seem to get that many readers just won't bother with an article if it's a slide show...

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August 25, 2011

10 Great Web Apps for the HP TouchPad
HP TouchPad users can’t count on much more local app development for their tablets. Fortunately, there are some decent Web apps that can pick up some of the slack.

By William Fenton

10 Great Web Apps for the HP TouchPad - Slideshow from PCMag.com

For anyone who’s snatched up a TouchPad, there’s plenty you can do with it. Of the hundreds of dedicated tablet apps in HP’s App Catalog, we’ve coralled The 20 Best Apps for the HP TouchPad, and that’s without touching the 8,000-odd apps written for WebOS phones—about 70 percent of which will run on a TouchPad.