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    The Audobon app was brutally hard to install. Tried about 10 times and every time it seemed to download and then failed on installation. I can understand if the servers were getting slammed there would be problems downloading but that did not seem to be the case. Although for an app that size it seemed to download too quickly. Since I am new to the touchpad I can't really judge. I will say when I tried again very early this morning it took a much more realistic time downloading and then the install took about 30 minutes. I am guessing at that number because it never stopped saying "installing". I needed to leave for work so I attempted to leave the appstore. Wouldn't do anything for about a minute and I thought I had somehow locked the touchpad. Finally it went to the home screen and showed an installation failed message. Very frustating. Except then I went to my download screen and there it was. Opened it up and except for the long loading time for the first time the app openend everything seemed fine. Good luck to all and I guess the bottom line is be persistent. It is a beautiful app once you get it going.
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    I tried three times last night and it never worked. I finally tried again this morning and let it sit. The Touchpad was super slow whenever I would check it while it was installing and at oen point I couldn't even get the screen to come on. I was tempted to restart it but waited several more minutes and it finally installed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjay View Post
    I have the exact same issue. I have literally been trying to install this for the last 'eight' hrs.
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    Thanks for alerting us to this, but I'm hacked off at HP. The promo codes for Glimpse and Audubon Birds return "This promo code has reached its limit and is no longer valid."

    No limit was mentioned in the promotion, other than "The promo codes below will expire on August 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM. Promo codes are available for as long as inventories last." Digital inventories of software that's sold over the air with no packaging are presumably unlimited.

    If HP App Catalog intended to limit the number of apps it would give away, it should have told us, "This offer is limited to the first 1000 customers," or whatever the number was--or at least warned us that there was a number. Otherwise it's bait-and-switch, and against the law in most States.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdcrutch View Post
    If HP App Catalog intended to limit the number of apps it would give away, it should have told us, "This offer is limited to the first 1000 customers," or whatever the number was--or at least warned us that there was a number. Otherwise it's bait-and-switch, and against the law in most States.
    Umm yeah thats not how it works buddy... The apps catalog, app store, and market are all digital retail channels. Meaning if they want to give away product they have to compensate the original manufacturers. In this case the developers. Meaning HP purchased X amount. A retail distribution chain cant just give away product without the original manufacturer being compensated in some way....!!!
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    I saw this last night and figured I'd give 4 out of 6 a try. All of them downloaded and installed just fine except Audubon Birds. It seemed to download really quick for such a large file but kept failing to install. I tried many times before calling it a night. I tried again this morning before heading to work and it was on the install stage for about 10 mins. I couldn't stick around to wait it out so hopefully when I get home this evening it'll be good to go.
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    I finally got Audubon Birds to install this morning. During the install, it seemed the touchpad was hung for a few minutes. Glad I decided to wait before resetting it because it wasn't hung.
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    it says on th OP link "while supplies last"
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    Quote Originally Posted by jromankvcc View Post
    Just got KungFoo Panda with the link. It first said "This is valid until September 1st". Thought it was just an error like the "not available/all used up". Clicked on the price and when asked again, said "use code". Then it didn't prompt for a code, so I was worried I was paying from my money. Receipt came in and shows "Billed to: Promo code".
    I used one of the links provided that include the promo code
    Has anyone tried this with Glimpse? I'm curious if HP has done something to make it to where you don't need the promo code after all. I just don't want to spend $5 of my own money to try it with that link from the Palm blog.

    As a comparison here's the link from googling and going to the App Store that way:

    and the palm blog linK:

    So the only difference is the small app id at the end. Unless that's what works the magic, jroman might have gotten lucky.
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    Relax folks.

    1. HP has the right to limit the number of free copies they give away. And they specifically stated, "as long as supplies last." No fraud here.

    2. WebOS Roundup is reporting that HP is generating more codes and they will be available soon.

    HP Giving Out FREE "6-Packs" of Apps to ALL U.S. TouchPad Owners (UPDATE: More codes are coming!) | News, TouchPad |webOSroundup
    The Official HP Palm Blog: How does a cool, refreshing, and free 6-Pack sound?

    3. No one is forcing anyone to buy apps, so chill!
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    I guess I missed it. That's too bad. I feel bad for my friend that had to suffer through the update process (can't believe it's still a pain) and ended up missing the camera app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdcrutch View Post
    But supplies haven't run out--they're still selling the same software at the regular price.
    Supplies do not mean the app itself, it means the number of promo codes. This is not fraud. If you check the forums some app developers themselves give out promo codes and it is a first come, first serve basis. So chill out. Besides apparently, HP is going to generate more codes.

    Now breathe =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbf123 View Post
    The fraud is that supplies are not actually limited, so they should have indicated that it was valid only for the first X people.
    They don't have to state the exact number, if it says while supplies that is sufficient. This phrase is used all the time in all kinds of promotions, digital, print or otherwise. It is all marketing jargon to incite expediency within the customer to get something right away. It is not illegal or fraud.
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    I'm not going to even look at the feeding frenzy that is, but I can almost guarantee these codes got linked over there last night causing the masses to download everything they could get their hands on. Their threads on the Touchpad generated millions and millions of hits, and there is an entire (large) community of new TouchPad owners getting most of their information (and near instant access to pricing info) from that site. It would be nice to get a couple of these apps for free if and when they regenerate more codes, but we will again be competing with the new mass of discount frenzied new consumers.
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    In other news, "stealing" a movie by downloading it from the internet still leaves the studio in full possession of it, so it's not really stealing. Film at 11.
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    sit tight... more codes are coming.
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    How many apps do you think they sold already? Seems like HP has a habit of releasing things in limited quantity to make people go nuts, then at the last minute they make it impossible to get.
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    The clear mention of an inventory implies if not specifically means that there was clearly a finite, limited supply of an item offered. In this case, that inventory was clearly Apps that were covered by the clearly, aforementioned promo code. Once those Apps set aside for promotional purposes has been downloaded, HP had clearly fulfilled their obligations in regards to this clear, limited time or limited amount, promotion.

    Clear yet?
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    darn so all of us who havent gotten our tp delivered already missed out on this... grrrr
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    <quote removed>

    HP gives out some free apps on a first-come-first-served basis (which helps out the dev community by the way), and he's calling them crooked.

    Ok, folks, it's time to stop feeding the troll.
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    how do we use 91cents left on my 50.00.
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