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    Seriously, this game ticks me off to NO end. I beat all the levels back when I had my Pre Plus, but when I got my Pre 2, I had to start all over again. So this time I decided to make sure I got 3 stars on every level. What whacked out arbitrary system do they use to determine how you get 3 stars? I've looked on YouTube for some levels I couldn't get and did EXACTLY what was shown in the videos and only got 2 stars. But, oddly enough, I could do the EXACT same thing 8 times. 7 times I'd get 2 stars and then on the 8th try, I'd get 3 stars. I mean, I'm fine with making the game tough, but at least be consistent when handing out the stars.

    It's a really slow day today.
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    You should've used Save/Restore, that way you wouldn't have to unlock everything again.
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    Well, I didn't have 3 stars on every level before anyway, so I'd still be in the same predicament.
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    Each level has a defined set of points that you have to get which is specific to that level. Sometimes the best way to get those points is to knock down the enemies with the fewest birds, other times you can complete the point target by destroying as many items as possible.
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    a lot of times the only way to get all the points necessary is both luck and skill. The first level for instance requires about 34000-35000 points to get 3 stars. That requires that you use only one bird and score between 14-15k.

    Its super easy to kill the pig but if objects dont fall correctly(which they usually dont) you only will get 8-12k. So you just kinda gotta keep restarting until you well get lucky.

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