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    I would think they would no longer update Pivot App Catalog Mag, I hope they dont just leave August up for the rest of the year rather then just delete it
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    Pivot will live on, forever and ever. Well, for at LEAST one year from last July 1.

    I promise.

    What makes you think it won't?
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    I'm not sure if it will or not but I kinda like it. It's sort of cool and different.
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    ok, waiting to see if sept pivot shows up tomorrow. And what might be some of the articles in it. Will they speak to the recent events?
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    I'm waiting to see if pivot appears a coup,e of weeks late in the UK, like it did last month.
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    nope , not today
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    IIRC it was taking a day or two to update previously. I am pretty sure I saw HP/Palm/Dev Relations say they were already working on Sept.
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    I'd imagine it will, since HP has consistently said they will continue support for at least a year.
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