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    Stupid question time, forgive me: I'm pretty sure the Touchpad automatically updates all store-downloaded apps, free or not (or at least that there's a convenient tab that lets you know which apps should be updated). Is there similar functionality for Preware stuff? For instance, should a new Guvnah be released, will I have to go chase it down or will the device automatically handle that?
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    in for a patch to stop automatic update pls
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    Use WOSQI or Preware. Both will detect if there's any app/patch updates available and let you install them
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    In case you were inquiring if the entire process is automated; no... You still need to initiate program (any mentioned above) to scan for updates then click the update button. But is automatic once initiated. You will need to scan for updates with the Software Manager program for HP Apps and Preware for Homebrewed installs (haven't personally used WOSQI yet to comment on)

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