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    Do you know if it is possible first, if there is an app or a trick that does enable you to send links or even better copy/paste text from your PC to touchpad?
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    Readitlater. For chrome there's an extension app called Orbvious Interest. Read It Later: Applications: Chrome
    You can save whatever webpage you want and it also saves how much you read. Also you make a readitlater account and if you get a readitlater app for webOS, it will sync up.

    I haven't found a readitlater app for the touchpad yet. The only ones there are are for palm and theyre the smaller screen, which still works. The lack of apps and support is a bit frustrating.

    The other way to go is to get Paper Mache on the HP catalog app market and make an account. The account is free and it allows you to bookmark things on your computer's browser and sync it with Paper Mache. But to use the mobile app, it's $1 a month.
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    Unfortunately there hasn't been anything to allow us to share links across different devices like X-marks does for Firefox. There was discussion and hope somebody was going to update the Pre beta version of Firefox (called Prefox). I haven't seen anything about that for a few weeks though.
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    I didn't mean to save pages and read them offline. I meant to send a link frm my computer to read it on my touchpad. Like chrome2android for example.
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    Quote Originally Posted by viper151 View Post
    I didn't mean to save pages and read them offline. I meant to send a link frm my computer to read it on my touchpad. Like chrome2android for example.
    That's what I was addressing. Paper Mache account lets you save as many links/pages as you want from your computer. You just press the + button on the top and you can access the list on the touchpad and open it. Instantly. I have chrome to android so i know what you're talking about.
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    neato! works great for both the touchpad and phone to send stuff between your computer, phone and touchpad. Plus, you only have to buy the app for one and it is downloadable on the other. You can then download the neato! Chrome extension or just bookmark the site with you ID and you can send URLs and text. This method may not be as elegant as touch to share, but it is just as functional if not more. (note: this will run in emulation mode on the touchpad but once it is set up it stays in the dashboard and doesn't even need a card. Also, note that in the app you will need to assign different IDs for each device, it defaults to the same as the phone if you have both)
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    I may restart work on my firefox sync application. I've got prototype code written in python that I used to debug using the latest mozilla weave protocols, I just have to learn UI coding and convert it to javascript. The problem is available time to come up the learning curve to design and build a webos application.

    If I can ever get going, it will securely view and eventually sync bookmarks and passwords (maybe even history and tabs if there is significant interest) with your firefox browsers.

    To make it secure, I keep the information encrypted when it's on the device and only decrypt it when displaying (after a successful password login).
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