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    Just put Pirates of the Caribbean on the touchpad. But nothing can play it. I tried the Kalemsoft player from the preware apps download but it doesn't seem to play it. It can't find it. Its an Xvid file. I know their is a paid version of it, do I need that to play xvid files? What is the best player for movies files that is free?
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    TP seems very limited in what it can play (so far)
    i'm re-encoding most of my kids' video library as we speak
    but hoping someone will post with a great answer!
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    I know I've played an .avi in divx format in Kalemsoft. It seems to play almost everything. I wonder if you could just rename your .xvid or .divx file with a .avi and see if would play.
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    I paid the 7 bucks for the full featured Kalemsoft player. I don't have any xvid files to see if it will play them, but have confirmed mov, avi, mkv, m4v and mp4 will play. Why in the world do you have Pirates in xvid format?
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    I have the first season of Game of Thrones in Xvid format and it was able to play them no problem in the KalemSoft player. I purchased it for $2.99 when it was first put into the app store.
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    don't you know the pirate's bay app store lol.. i'm sure it's just a backup of.. nah.. i give up.. he bootleged it lol
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    Preware version of KalemSoft is for phones. Spend the $7, support a developer and save yourself the hassle of converting. Its worth it.
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    spend the $7 and get the full version for the touchpad. It seems to play everything I toss at it....

    good luck
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    Just make sure the movie file size is NOT larger than 2GB. The Touchpad has a 2GB video file restriction. Just an FYI and yes, HP is aware of this issue.
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