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    the web browser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In this age of apps for this that and the other, people are forgetting that the most used application on our laptop is your web browser.

    Phone screen real estate was the driver for the need of apps, but on tablets a good browser should be able to do everything. You have to remember that most apps are just running an optimised version of the web version anyway.

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    completely agree. Really impressed by the browser. Only thing I wish it had is gesture navigation.
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    Sorry, but the stock TP web browser is crap compared to many of the others found on the iPad... Atomic, iCab or Terra just to name a few.

    I paid for the Advanced Browser just for simple tabs on my TP!
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    Unfortunately the browser, while quite functional on some sites, does return weird errors and behavior on others. I'm hoping they fix it up as time goes on.
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    The problem is 95% of the web isn't optimized for touch input. I also enjoy news apps like CNN when they're tailored for the screen im viewing.
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    dont get me wrong, i see the important of apps. Apps provide an optimised view ideal for phones etc. All we need is a good web browser and we'll be set. Maybe we should get on to Dolphin devs and see what they can do.

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    I'm liking glimpse more and more. I like the google reader update.
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    I bought the browser, and honestly, I wish that it was more enyo-esq. The menus are not slide-your-finger menus, and there's no re-ordering or re-sizing of bookmarks. Other than that, it's nice.
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    As another poster stated, the built in browser is crap on ice!!!! Have you ever tried Atomic web browser on the ipad? That my friend, is a browser.

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