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    Hello. My apologies if this has been addressed, but I couldn't find either of these in a search. I'm assuming the answer to both is NO, but this is a pretty creative group.

    1. Any way to compress events in the day or week view? I used to love this on my old Palm. Even minimizing the entire day would help me see events all day.
    2. Any way to include categories from Outlook when I sync? I use exchange.

    Thanks in advance.
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    nope :'( stupid HP took away the accordion time-collapsing feature in webOS 3.x

    that was one of my favorite thing, both visually and from a usability pov.
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    The Ubercalendar patch does not support this on the Touchpad, but it does do it on both my Pre- and my Pre3. You can select how much to compress the entire day in either the daily view or the weekly view. It doesn't do the "accordion" style, but it just compresses the whole view so you can see more without scrolling. I do miss the old way that Palm handled this. It just made so much sense to compress an 8 hour appointment, but show you where your free time was so you could book another appointment. Aaaargh!!!
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    This was my favorite calendar feature as well on the Pre, and I greatly miss it on my TP. I wish there was a way to set the day start & end times so I don't have to scroll down the agenda/view that starts at 12AM just to look at appointments that are later in the day. Time for a some feature requests.

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