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    pretty much as title says. I have searched around and couldn't seem to find anything. Found stardust but that's not close to what I wanted. Great app though. I want an Ap that interacts with what song is playing kind of like an itunes or winamps music visualizer
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    The issue is that webOS's music API does not let developers access the raw music stream directly, so the only way a developer can do music visualization is to write their own software music engine. As far as I know, Audiophile is the only program to have done so at this point.

    Which device do you have? I had thought about adding visualization, but not sure I want to wrestle with Canvas at this point, given the dim prospects.
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    I figured it was along those lines. Currently using a pre 2. But hopefully waiting to buy a pre 3 if they ever make a cdma verison of it.

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