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    Don't suppose there is a way to sync picasa photos like the tp does with facebook? It would be so handy to have this function. Probably locked down by google I imagine.

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    I'll second that request...First thing I thought was, I love how it integrates with facebook, too bad 95% of my photos are on Picasa (and private)...
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    I'd like Picasa and Flicker Synergy!
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    i am also want this feature asap!
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    How hard is it for apps to integrate into the Photos application I wonder? Casa is a pretty great Picasa photo app for the Pre. If they could tap into the Photos app that would be fantastic.
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    +1 for synergy. in the meantime, i saw an app to view picasa pics in general, but it does not provide connecting to your personal/private collections. hopefully it will be included in future releases.
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    still hoping for this!
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    Heh, I just tweeted about this today as well. Someone may do it before me, but if not, I plan on tackle this

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    Excellent NuttyBunny, hopefully synergy tweaks ..... Thanks

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