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    I've tried searching for an Official Apps Request page to no avail. So I thought I would start one. As a developer, it would be nice to see a post dedicated to app requests all in one place.

    Hopefully, others and I can get some great ideas flowing. I for one still believe in webOS and with all of the new TP owners, there is still opportunity to make some a little bit of money.

    So please, post your app requests with as much detail as possible and let's see if we can get some of these made!
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    I have noticed quite a few app request pages. One even for an app I was looking for(a teleprompter-which now looks like it is in development, woot!)

    But a unified request page would be great.

    The other app I would really love is a photography portfolio. Where you can define the exact order of all the images, add titles and descriptions, all in the app. No editing on the pc. The gallery on the touchpad is ok for casual viewing but if I'm trying to woo a client the bolder is better.

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    I'm looking for an app that will let me use the touchpad as a drawing tablet connected to the computer. Not sure if this is possible.
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    I don't know how feasible this would be (I'm no developer here) but, since the TP is lacking GPS, would it be possible to make an app that would

    a) Display a map (any old map image, png, jpg, etc; I'm in GIS, so that part's easy)
    b) Allow you to set the scale.
    c) Mark a starting point and then, using the accelerometer and compass, approximate your distance traveled and direction and mark your path (roughly, this isn't meant for high accuracy) with a dotted line?

    I know, that's probably just wishful thinking...I should already have a separate GPS unit, but until then I'd find an app like that useful for casual excursions and I suspect others might too.

    Just a thought.
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    An app that turns your touchpad into a second external monitor for your desktop/laptop.

    There are already 3 apps that do this for the ipad and android, they all work wirelesly. I believe doing it through USB would be better as it would be more reliable faster and charge at the same time.

    Personally I would pay upto $50 for this app, though I hope you take paypal cos we dont get a paid appstore in Australia through HP

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    BROWSER. A GOOD BROWSER that amplifies the already decent stock browser with good tabbing, bookmarks, download manager, speed, etc.

    Remote server music and videos like Audiogalaxy.

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    Barnes & Nobles ..... There is a ton of new customers out there with this TP fire sale.... I have several books on another device I would like to move over and I'll buy more from BN too.......We need the BN app.
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    I've been thinking about how PreCentral should have a Get Satisfaction page or something for app and patch requests. It'd be much easier for devs to look over than a million threads or pages of threads.
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    I 2nd a good webkit based browser.
    Also as soon as Google releases the API, a Google + app.
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    words with friends, hang with friends, navigon, shazam, hulu, netflix, google+, vlc
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    An app that allows you to use the mobile/iPad version of googles websites, such as gmail and docs. Google doesn't let you just type etc..
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    Springpad - Great for taking notes and things.

    Springpad API Info - Springpad Developer Documentation

    Springpad Website - Springpad: a free app that helps you remember

    Screenshot on different device -

    They have a desktop, iphone, ipad and android apps. I would love to see this on the Touchpad.

    * I can't directly link due to my low post count.

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