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    in email app - how do I open emails in their own seperate card? I thought you could have multiple emails open and stacked at the same time but I can't figure out how.

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    I don't believe you can. It has the look of an enyo app (app written using enyo language) which doesn't open multiple windows.
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    Tap and hold on the link, a drop down should appear.
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    We've never been able to open incoming emails to individual cards. It's the same thing for the phones too.

    The only way we are able to have additional cards open is for sending email. You can have multiple cards open for each email draft you have. Pressing the reply, forward or create-new icons opens a new window for sending an email.
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    ah ok, thanks.
    I recall some of the marketing material (maybe video) alluding to the fact that this was an area where they had 1 up on ios. perhaps they meant emails being written and not read.


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