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    I need this so bad its killing me haha. I tried all the routine fixes and work arounds for this but to no avail. I searched all the forums and just trred everything but the dummy spotify app never updated for me. I heard there is a real touchpad IPK floating around but i can't find it. Help? Anyone?

    Honestly if i **** anyone off im sorry.

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    That's just a dummy ipk. that during my experience never updates and does not get spotify on the touchpad. At least that's my experience with it.
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    Don't let this die alot of people need spotify
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    I find it disappointing people have this running on touchpads, but won't share how they got it working.
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    Give a look here. I have not tried it, myself, but the thread seems to show good results for some.

    this post
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    The dummy ipk way didn't work for me either. So I took the app from my Pre and installed it on my TP and performed the additional stuff listed in mention thread.
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    So basically take the ipk. from the pre and put it on the touchpad then see if it updates then put the extra files in the necessary places?

    Why not just give us the opportunity to get the tried and true ipk. i understand the forum rules but no one is making it any easier by methods that don't work. :/
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    FWIW, Spotify has said that they working on an HD app. I'll see what I can do in the meantime to figure out how to get it working straight from a 2.1 install - hopefully that shouldn't violate forum rules. Without some method of getting it to work, even the people that have it working on a TP now will lose it after a Doctor.
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    Did you guys check out that other thread and get everything figured out? If not let me know I'll help you out.
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    Chris thanks man I put the app on the TP then put the files in the right locations and now this thing is set... I owe you one!
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    Any chance you can help me out with the ipk? I can't find the full one anywhere.
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    Shame they don't have a web app like pretty much every other music service.
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    I'm having a problem with this as well. I took the .Ipk from my Pixi installed it on the touchpad put those files in all of the places and nothing. I see the icon and when it loads it just shows a gray screen I have no idea what's going on or what I'm doing wrong.
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    The link provided by CaFe88 above is the solution; it's a bit of work but worth the effort. Also, you must have a premium account.
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    Will try tomorrow but have people had success, or is there a patch?
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    Just tried the last method posted and it works. It's not optimized for the touchpad so it looks really small, but I am able to save offline songs and I can switch songs in the notification area.

    Thanks, nice to have spotify
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    Any way to use without premium sub?
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