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    Quote Originally Posted by jmflu View Post
    Any way to use without premium sub?
    Spotify on mobile devices is only for premium users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaFe88 View Post
    why I can't open this link on touchpad in precentral news app?
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    So I am having a hell of a time getting this to work. I did end up getting Spotify on my Touchpad however it kept spazing out at the sign in screen. I couldn't touch anything or do anything. When I try and install it through webOS quick install it gets stuck at installing (unless it takes it longer than a half an hour). So I manually put the files on my Touchpad, but like I said it didnt really work. Any ideas or suggestions? I would prefer the HD patch too, but I will take the phone app, I just want Spotify and beats audio!
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