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    Is there any way to get MSN Messenger (Windows Live) natively on a Touchpad? 3.0.2

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    Natively and directly to MSN no, but this works well:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Natively and directly to MSN no, but this works well:
    Thanks, I saw that link earlier, but if that's the only way, I'll try that.
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    I followed that guide and it only half worked for me, I can see all of my contacts in the touchpad, but they are always offline even if they are really online in my messenger on my computers.
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    you should try it again. I think this is a better solution than native MSN messenger. It is like all IM account consolidating into one account. I can now have everyone on with gchat when I logon to my gmail account. Works great for me!
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    i use it works but we need an app cz it's not that efficient
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    I wonder why the WebOS developers didnt include one of the most widely used messenger services? Did Microsoft not pay a tax or something? ha
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    Again, you can install Ubuntu Chroot and then any msn client you want (pidgin, emesene...).

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    Almost a battery-killer.
    Yes, it does kill your battery when using Ubuntu Chroot and there is no Pre 3-support.

    It's better to buy Mundu IM which works quite nice (not superb, but does the job) on the Pre 3 and also on the TP and there is a patch for Mundu to make it HD on TP.
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    MSN has now been updated with xmpp support, so I assume it will be easier to create an app for it. Even HP could now implement it into synergy.

    Wait and see...
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