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    I'm a lucky aussie who got a $99 touchpad, and i really want it to be useful, but can't get any comics working. I have read the forums extensively and found a number of roadblocks on the device:

    1. Everyone says ComicShelf HD is the best app for comics, but it doesn't work. Firstly it is not on the app market in Australia - does not show up at all. After a long day of hacking, i managed to find and install the ipk for the standard and the HD versions (sorry, developer - i want to pay for it but it's just not available). The standard version doesn't display full screen. The HD version of Comicshelf runs in full screen, but on startup shows the message - "Service does not exist" followed by the appID.

    2. The native picture viewer shows jpeg versions of the comics in random order, making reading a comic impossible.

    3. there is no decent slideshow jpeg viewer

    4. All other comic programs don't allow you to import existing comics.

    So... any help would be appreciated. I don't know if there's a way to make my device think its in the US so i can simply go buy the HD version. Or if there's a way to fix the software through Internalz or something

    any help would be appreciated - really want to read my Sandman comics again
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    Email the comicshelf HD dev to have it submitted to the Aussie app catalog. Works great.
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    I would do that, but can't find their website. Google has become really sucky
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    They are here on the forums:

    I know the main guy responds here.
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    I'm not sure if this will work outside the US - I use the Comics HD app which seems to be a different one.

    Their website is MojoJungle – webOS development

    The Comics HD app is more like Calvin & Hobbes and Garfield. Looks like ComicShelf may be for a different type.
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    Yeah Comics HD seems to be to pull webcomics.. though I can't seem to get THAT to work with Penny Arcade..

    ComicShelf HD is for scanned versions of ol' pen and paper comics.
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    Well than ks for the feedback - I emailed canuck coding and got this prompt email back:

    "Contrary to popular believe, HP has only killed off future hardware. That's it. I've been told software development is still in full throttle, App Catalog, Palm Profile, etc. are not going anywhere. Future over-the-updates are still coming. HP will still be providing customer support for devices already sold. And most importantly for you, I've been told paid apps will be coming to Australia in the near future


    Good news for us then - paid apps on the way! lets hope they hit the touchpad before android does

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