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    Was working on an email and needed to paste an url I had copied. I can figure on how to paste. Normally its under the edit on the left pull down menu but that menu has been apparently disabled on the email app.
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    I think you just do a long-press in the text field where you want to paste, and you'll see the popup.
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    That's it, thanks.
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    I'm trying to copy and paste data from the webOS internals page for setting up test feeds. I can select the feed name and do copy but it won't let me paste. I tried a long hold in the name field. It also won't let me copy the url to go along with it. Please help. Trying to do this all on the TP without needing to wait until I can get on a computer and and type it in manually. The instructions on the webOS internals page mention copy/paste but I can't get it work. Thanks.
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    can any of you guys post a Url on facebook? Because the long press isn't working for me... But long press works in emails and other sites, just not fb.
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    Yeah most of the time the long press works, but for the times it doesn't, it's really annoying that they removed it from the Edit menu. It's like they went out of their way to frustrate us.

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