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    Can anyone with two TouchPads confirm if I can buy apps on the first TouchPad, put the same WebOS account on a second TouchPad, and just re-download the paid app on the second TouchPad, thus being able to use both at the same time?

    Or will the rights be transferred completely to the second TouchPad, resulting in my apps on the first TouchPad no longer working? THANKS!!!
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    Profiles can only co-exist on one TouchPad and one phone.
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    Bummer, luckily the apps and games are cheap!

    Thanks for the quick reply!
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    We are fortunate that we are able to use some apps purchased on our phones also on our Touchpads, since they are meant to be complimentary devices for one consumer. HP thankfully has a system in place to protect developers from people who would like to use their profiles to "share" their apps with multiple people. Sure, one might have multiple Touchpads for personal use at these prices, like work and home, but more likely it's somebody who wants multiple people to be able to use the same Angry Birds game on one person's dime.

    In other words, they do this to keep people from essentially stealing from developers, the backbone of this community.
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    wow that is terrible! I have apps on 2 phones and my Xoom tablet. Android lets you do it.. I went to use atbat on the TP an a no go.. sucks
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    iOS also let's you run paid apps on multiple devices.
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    Yeah, this is a limitation that I thought HP wouldve fixed since they wanted to put webOS on computers, printers, and toasters!

    Apple is definitely in the hardware business, in which they acknowledge that its more profitable for them to sell you and your loved ones separate machines at a high margin and let you use the same software on each. Or maybe its because iTunes was setup originally to share 5 authorized devices when they started music vending. Then again, lets not overlook that Apple is JUST NOW going wireless, and webOS has been wireless since day one.

    Still, if I wanted to have one app across many devices by sharing a profile, then HP should let us do it. I guess it no longer matters anymore...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I guess it no longer matters anymore...
    Exactly. I doubt we'll see any official change to this policy.
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    I have read that with webOS 3.x you can have multiple devices in one profile. (webOS 2.x or less can only have one device per profile)I have also heard in one podcast that the reviewer used the same profile on his review unit and personal unit...

    as for the source of my info, I cannot produce it. But it is worthwhile to ask those with multiple touchpads to sign in the same profile.
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    I'm a little confused because when I did an advance exchange last week, I activated the new Touchpad and at least for a half day, had both Touchpads activated on the same profile (at least the apps worked on both). Once I had the 2nd one set up, then I wiped the one I was sending back.

    Would it have quit working eventually if I hadn't wiped it?
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    I can also confirm that it is working.

    I have a few touchpads for development purposes, all using the same Palm Profile. The paid apps automatically downloaded to the new ones..and all continue to work.

    In addition to that, the market continues to work for both paid and free apps on the two devices I've activated...that is unless in my tired state from post-vacation recovery, I got incredibly confused about what I was doing.

    I'll try again tonight and see if I did something goofy.
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    I double checked last night and can again confirm that the apps work on two devices.
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    When you activate a second TP using an existing profile a copy of all the previously paid apps are indeed pushed to the new TP also. What is not clear is whether a future purchase on one TP will allow you to redownload on the second. I believe the answer is no but I haven't run the experiment (can someone confirm this piece).

    I also suspect that that if one was to always make all purchases on only one TP that it would be possible to periodically wipe and delete (the profile) and resync just like first time setup.

    It would be nice if the basic operation and workings of the profile system was actually documented somewhere versus trial and error inference. I have always wanted to know exactly what data is backed up, how it's encrypted/stored, etc but have as yet been unsuccessful.
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    I am curious about what happens to your email/facebook/chat/calendar synergy accounts if you have the same profile on two TouchPads. I mean could you have different email/facebook/chat/calendar accounts on the two devices? I suppose someone with two TouchPads would have to experiment. I would, but I don't have my 2nd TouchPad yet.
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    The issues you mention are the reason why I believe the device settings/configurations must be kept separate after the initial initial setup. I view it as making an initial copy (not technically correct I know) then branching and being maintained separating going forward. (E.g. Conceptually think of multiple configuration directories under one profile) Of course I'm just hypothesizing here.

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