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    Stillll waiting!

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    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    I'll believe it when I see it...
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    we really need a office suite solution...

    I would preffer a web-os solution but am wondering if that is going to happen....

    hope so...
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    I guess another false rumor. Isnt it supposed to be here this week so you can at least use the word processor for editing. Ugh!
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    Welcome to HP/Palm! If they say three weeks it will be four. If they say one week it will be a week and a half. It's frustrating....
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    Another fail. It's Friday, Friday. [sigh]
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    I was wondering if this thread had started back up yet.. since it's the end of the week. I guess the end of the week is really Saturday/Sunday depending on how you view it.
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    thought the same thing. got me a cheap HP TP Bluetooth keyboard and am ready to try some doc editing out. looks like the weekend is when.
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    a recent tweet from Richard Kerris said indicated that QuicKoffice update is due next week. Lets give them the time to make sure it's right so everyone doesn't whine about bugs....
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