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    There has been a lot of buzz about trying to port android to the touchpad. I have little I interest in losing webOS, but it would be really slick if there was an option to run android in a card in a similar fashion to ubuntuchroot. Is there any chance of this happening, or would it just be too complex?
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    This is pretty much where I'm at. There are a few apps i need from Android, but for the most part, don't need android. I'd rather have a android chroot. (And a meego chroot to boot!)
    There are other folks interested in similar projects (e.g. Running Android in chroot | Tegra Developer Zone ) but a quick google search doesn't turn up anyone that's working too hard yet. I think it should be possible, personally!
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    That actually sounds pretty cool. Would probably allow to run the few needed apps that Android has that WebOS is currently missing.

    Only downside I see to this method would be because it would run on top WebOS thus slower running(same with Ubuntu). The apps that rely on using heavier resources might not work to well.
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    I was just thinking of this too. I don't know if this would be a problem, but as fas as I know with Chroot , the environment uses the same kernel as the host, so you wou,d have to get android running on the webOS kernel.
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    I would also be very interested in this. I have setup an ubuntu chroot on the TouchPad and was surprised by how well it worked. I have tried mounting a meego image but unfortunately that was failing for me. I love WebOS too much to replace it with Android, but running Android within a card would be great.

    BTW, this is the Ubuntu project to follow that has been trying to accomplish this for years.
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    chroid hasn't been updated since; it's effectively dead and abandoned like Palmdroid is. And not even remotely close to stable.

    If something happens to your Touchpad as a result of installing it, you're pretty much on your own.
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    why would someone put so much work into this and then abandon it? weird.
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    Probably couldnt' figure out how to get it to actually run seperately, instead of fighting with webOS over the video hardware ... or maybe he's just been busy with life.

    ... and yes, you -will- need to Doctor your touchpad after installing this, because even if you uninstall it, it -will- remain with broken stuff.
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