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    Hi all, new here!
    What is the best pdf reader available for the Touchpad? On my android phone I use ezpdf reader and I love its smooth scrolling and options. The most important feature I am looking for is the ability to invert the colors on a pdf-->eg go from black on white to white text on a black background. I want to use the touchpad to read a lot of documents/books and having the aforementioned ability would be extremely useful for me.

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    One of the limitations of the touchpad is the absence of a state of the art pdf reader/annotation tool; I'm not sure if the existing pdf reader will accomplish the goals that you have set out, but a number of us have been waiting for the functional equivalent of Iannotate that will permit annotation, highlighting, etc, of pdf documents. There are rumors that such is on the way, but it's not here yet.
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    Oh dear, I was hoping to find a decent PDF solution here on the forums. The installed Adobe Reade doesn't really render the pages well when you zoom in. Reading a PDF formatted newspaper simply isn't possible... Hope there's something on the way.
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    I was surprised to find that the Adobe version on my old Touch Pro 2 phone has more options then the version on this TP. Cant understand why simple things like searching for text or an easier page jump are not included in this version. Is there something Im missing?
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    crap. I've been searching the web trying to find something better to read, search, and highlight PDF files. PDF reading was going to be a big part of my TP usage. Guess I have to cross my fingers that something is on the way.

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