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    It doesn't have to be a handwriting recognition app(tho that would be nice), just something to scratch down notes. I could probably live with a sketch app, but it's not what I'm after. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    I'm also looking for such an application. In the meantime, you might want to check out "Just Draw" - a sketching app that can possibly double as a handwriting app in the meantime. I emailed the developer of Glimpse - he made a "doodle" widget and I was hoping he might expand on that.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will check out Just Draw and see if it will work. I guess I'm an oldtimer when it comes to this stuff, but does anyone remember graffiti? Handwriting used to be part of the old palm os, I figured with the advancement of screens and hardware, that it would be one of those things still part of the os and not solely reliant on apps. Guess I was mistaken.
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    One of the biggest reasons for me to get a tablet was for taking notes by hand, so it's a little disappointing that webOS doesn't have this kind of application already. I might try my hand at writing one myself...if I have the time. College is busy =(
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    I would def pay money for an app like this. I want it to take notes at my job. It'd be super sweet.
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    I registered purely to bump and support these threads and ideas. Let's get this ball rolling. Handwriting app gogo!
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    There was a thread a couple of days ago about the same thing. Don't believe anyone knew of any note-taking apps. I kinda wanted to do this for college classes as well. I'm surprised that there isn't one out there already.
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    Ah yes, as I sit here looking at my display that is absolutely riddled with finger prints it really is too bad there doesn't seem to be one. If there is one thing I miss about my old Windows mobile 6xx phone it was the transcribing function.

    Although it was a little cramped writing complete sentences on that small screen, it was infinitely faster than the on screen keyboard. Besides that there was also the Evernote app that allowed you to save hand written notes.

    Excuse my ignorance but is there anything stopping the Touchpad from having this kind of input method? Or is it just this obsession manufacturers have that they have to clone whatever Apple did?
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    well currently I plan on using "just draw" as the temp writing app. Waiting on my stylus to ship. But its not ideal. You have to save and clear for each page of notes... Assuming it even looks ok writing wise... Idk yet. Sooooo notes app needed!

    evernote exists on the touchpad. But I haven't tested it yet. Can anyone confirm that the touchpad ver has handwriting support.

    and to answer your question, no there's nothing preventing this functionality other than software. The touchpad has a very nice capacitive screen ;-)
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    all that would have to happen is what ever you write in a box gets made smaller outside of the box.
    Vote for QuickOffice for Palm Pre!
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    well that's a bit oversimplified... But sure.
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    bump for a developer!
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    very interested in this kind of app for college note taking
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aredon View Post
    exists on the touchpad. But I haven't tested it yet. Can anyone confirm that the touchpad ver has handwriting support.
    Unless there's a version floating out there that I don't know about, there isn't really Evernote for the Touchpad. It's a Pre version and runs in the little phone-shaped frame. It does not include handwriting support.
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    yeah you're right, no touchpad version.
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    What I would love to have for Touchpad is:

    Autodesk Sketch Mobile

    SketchBook Mobile – iPod touch, iPhone Sketch App - Autodesk


    NetFront Life | Mobile Apps for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad

    (It still amuses me that HP/Palm haven't had used their lifetime license right to put graffiti on WebOS since beginning.. anyway...)
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    Bump! Anyone knows of a writing app?
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    I am not aware of any handwriting recognition projects, but this thread relates to an application which is under beta testing and apparently will provide for saving multiple hand written/drawn screens.

    Demo Video showing NuttPad and DIY stylus
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    I doubt there are alot of good note taking apps out there for the other platforms. I bought three notepads for my wife's iPad2 and they really are all useless. Maybe it's the stylus but writing is very clunky and it is very hard to write small and "natural". Everything seems to some out as big chicken scratches.
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    I'm currently working on a TelePrompter app (which has no relation to handwriting apps), but I might be able to offer my services once this is complete (shouldn't be long). Search "TouchPrompt" to see where I'm at on this.

    If people want to chuck ideas here, then go ahead. I've incorporated numerous suggested ideas into my TouchPrompt app, that are way and above the original request. I work full time and I have a real life, but generally I can get the job done pretty quickly.
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