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    Is there a patch that changes the scrolling behavior? When scrolling, the screen zig-zags with my finger. I have an iPhone and scrolling on that is less disorienting because it locks in the scrolling to prevent the screen from moving side to side.

    It's hard to describe, but I found a diagram illustrating what I mean:

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    One of the little thing that sets iOS and webOS different.
    Not sure how hard it would be to make but I'd appreciate it too. (I'm guessing applying a system wide change would require almost a rewrite of the OS or require some tweak that will at least change the deep behaviour. They wouldn't have a mechanism to detect a straight movement since they didn't make one would they?)
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    Oh god, I would kill for this, along with patches that replicate the double space to insert a period and tap to go back to the top of the page features of iOS.
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    Tap to go back is one feature I miss a lot too. But as I said, don't think it will be THAT easy to make.
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    I remember reading when the Pre first launched that Apple had a patent on this type of filtration of input based on the angle of your finger, so it could possibly be a legal issue.
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    That's unfortunate. Apple has a patent on the scrolling behavior where the screen continues to move with your finger even when you reach the top/bottom of the screen, but HP implemented the same behavior (Android does not). Hopefully they go ahead and implement the side to side behavior as well.
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    This is the article that discusses it:

    Apple vs. Palm: the in-depth analysis -- Engadget

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