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    Yeah - the browser is "ok" but no better than that - still for 89...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    Interesting argument, but webOS' browser has had 2+ years of development. Its a variation of the same browser that has been on the Pre, Pixi and Veer. But it is a much improved variation, including Flash (as on the Pre 2 and variations of of the Pre, which were not officially released), a different tablet-friendly layout, etc. I wouldnt call webOS' browser "new", only evolved...same as Chrome.

    Also, dont forget that webkit bases Chrome, too.
    and the public at large on their vast number of pc's/linux/laptops/mac's etc all basically help in the bugesting/suggestions etc, the webOS while gaving some development id guess was "tested/used" on a vastly smaller scale and all inhouse.

    either way if im right or wrong, webOS browser hasnt had much mileage as an app.
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    It loads fine, passable for regular usage, but I was merely commenting on the fact that both the rendering and scrolling/zooming behaviour seems to be more sluggish at many times compared to my sister's iPad 2 or my Mac's Safari. (heck even my 2006 Pentium 4 desktop with Firefox can render faster most of the time)

    I understand that the browser app itself hasn't been updated really and I do remember MobileSafari on iPhone OS sucking a lot (especially with large pictures and memory management) on the 1.x, 2.x days but you still can't ignore the fact that they billed the TouchPad as a rival product to iPad and it performs worse then iPad.

    P.S. I did do the logging patches and 1.5 Ghz over clock and it did help. In fact, browsing was one of the things that worked relatively better before the over clock too. Over clocking just made it better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
    chrome isnt new, its based on chromium browser which came before it as open source, which in turn is based on older apple browser tech, lots been tinkerign with it, its not out of the box brand spanking new.
    and before that, webkit was the basis for the browser in KDE.

    A lot of it has to do with at what version of webkit did HP use and patch for their use with as well as the javascript engine.

    The packages used are listed here: Open Source Packages - - Palm

    Maybe someone who is familiar with the relevant packages can compare them to what is being used for other browsers.
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    well I haven't gotten my TouchPad yet, but my original iPad's web browser is slow as hell. Sometimes it's just flat out unresponsive on certain web pages like Facebook. It's a very frustrating experiencing browsing on the iPad (it's slow and with its limited memory forces pages to refresh when tabbing back and forth between a few pages). Anything will be a step in the right direction I would imagine.
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    I don't notice any glaring issues with browser speed, at least not to the extent that I am annoyed by it.

    The only thing that really annoys me is the occasional UI quirk in browsing - like having a hard time scrolling a box full of text so you can get to the bottom line for example. That should be MUCH easier than it actually is. Maybe we'll get a better option someday, but as it sits, it's not too shabby .
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    I have sporadic issues with different websites .. nothing deal-breaking, especially for a $149 tablet.. but I would like it to be a little quicker and a little more compatible. But a guy can dream!
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