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    Ok how do i get the nice full screen version on my touchpad? I installed from app catalog and it ran in the phone emulator mode.

    Any suggestions???
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    I think the one you want is called Accuweather HD. At any rate, it should say under the listing that it is for Touchpad. I think if you search accuweather touchpad, you'll find it. And you definitely want this one, it's a really nice update over the phone version.
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    Stupid question - did you install the touchPad version? They have regular and premium versions for phones and a free one for touchPad.
    I just installed this app 15-20 mins ago and I'm enjoying it. simply awesome. beautiful interface and rich in functionalities.
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    Yep, it's nice, and you can run it in Exhibition, which is really cool and useful.
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    ok i cant find it in my app catalog
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    Quote Originally Posted by pchrist View Post
    ok i cant find it in my app catalog
    That's odd. When I go into the App Catalog, and select "Weather" from the categories view, it is the top "Top" app.

    The full App name is "AccuWeather for HP TouchPad" not AccuWeather HD
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    Go to the settings, software Update, Update your touchpad to the latest version of Webos, restart, go to the app store, and you'll see the accuweather app for touchpad HD. Only shows up on newer version
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    The HD version is still very buggy. Exhibition mode does not (fully) use the units settings, it won't run in exhibition mode when the app itself is running. And the other way round the app won't run when accuweather is selected as one of the exhibition mode apps in the exhibition settings. First untick it and then the app runs again. Tick it again before it will run in Exhibition mode :/
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    always have "for touchpad" in the search option, then just click the NEW button far top, accuweather is a few lines down, and it hasnt got HD in its name, its just called.

    AccuWeather for HP TouchPad
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    It's odd I can't find it either, and when I try to use the link to it from precentral it says that my os isn't compatible. I have the latest update installed. Could this be from a patch I installed?

    This isn't the only app that I can't find.

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